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Application/Important OOC Information

Player Name: AF/HotAndCold
Personal Journal: hotandcoldrp

Contact: DecepticonAF on AIM and decepticonaf@aol.com for e-mail.

Character Name: Random Hajile

Canon: Snatcher

Age: ...To avoid spoilers, let's just say he looks like he's in his late 20's-early 30's.

Background: If you've got the free time at some point and Hideo Kojima doesn't make you, like, foam at the mouth (a reasonable reaction to his work sometimes, I will admit), I'd recommend going through the Let's Play of Snatcher. It's huge, though, I have to say. Took me over a week to get through, if memory serves.

But yeah, my usual teal deer history is as follows:

NOTA BENE: Spoilers, duh. Regular gameplay spoilers are contained in the parts of the history you don't have to highlight to read. Hideo Kojima mindfuck spoilers are contained in the parts you do have to highlight to read. FYI.

Random Hajile was born in the 2020's to Russian parents, lucky survivors of the Catastrophe, a virus by the name of Lucifer-Alpha that had been manufactured by the Soviet Union late in the Cold War and accidentally released, killing about half the world's population. Random had a normal childhood; he did fairly well, if maybe not exceptionally in school. His father was a scientist and the two were not particularly close. After graduating high school, Random may have gone to college, but probably ended up drifting instead, trying to find his purpose in life.

His purpose came 3 years ago, when Snatchers were discovered in Neo Kobe, Japan. Snatchers, essentially, were robots capable of killing someone and then perfectly mimicking their appearance, seamlessly taking their place in society. Snatchers were definitely malicious, and when it became clear that Neo Kobe's government-sponsored forces would not have the resources to effectively battle them on their own, Neo Kobe started offering bounties for Snatchers.

Random liked the sound of that.

He immigrated to Neo Kobe illegally and then became a legally registered bounty hunter. Nobody in canon seems to think this at all odd, so just roll with it. He got himself set up pretty comfortably, with an awesome motorcycle and an awesome gun, and set about hunting himself some Snatchers. He ended up butting heads with a Junker or two (Junkers being the official Snatcher-hunting force), but the fact of the matter was that Random Hajile was damn good at killing Snatchers. He took 3 different Snatchers down in December of 2047 before the game even starts, and Snatchers do not go down easy.

Random first encountered the game's protagonist, the Junker Gillian Seed, right after Gillian managed to trace the Snatchers Freddy and Lisa Nielson to their home. Gillian had managed to dispose of Lisa, but was about to have his head popped off by Freddy when Random entered the scene and hit Freddy with a headshot from behind. Random and Gillian conversed briefly thereafter, and Random made it clear that he was content to let Gillian do all the legwork of investigating probable Snatchers before he left.

The next time the two would encounter each other, Gillian's turbocycle had been sabotaged, and Random once again saved him from a grisly, premature end. He delivered Gillian to his intended destination, Queens Hospital, the seemingly abandoned facility that actually served as a mini-headquarters for the Snatchers to repair themselves and treat their artificial skin, which had a major flaw that caused it to get skin cancer very, very easily. Random and Gillian explored the hospital, eventually discovering the Snatcher's makeshift morgue, where they hid the bodies of the people they Snatched. Gillian had his robot companion, Metal Gear, reconstruct the faces of the victims to determine their identities.

Just after Metal Gear had completed this task, the lights went out... and Random found himself in the Netherworld.

At least, that's the version of his history that Random believes. In reality, his history is a lot more complicated and spoilery.

Towards the very, very end of the Cold War, the Soviet Union came up with this kind of nutty scheme for victory: replacing their enemies with robots under their control. (It sounds somewhat less doofy in context?) To design these robots, the USSR assembled a team of 3 people: the Russian Petrovich Modnar, his son Elijah, and the American Jamie Lorraine. Elijah and Jamie worked very closely together, and Elijah quickly fell head-over-heels in love with Jamie. Before he could confess to her, however, the project was joined by a fourth, Gillian Seed, another American. Gillian and Jamie quickly bonded, fell in love, were married, and had a son.

Elijah was furiously jealous, as well as kind of batshit from it and the oncoming threat of the Frankenstein Project being shut down with the collapse of the Soviet Union, and on June 6th, 1996, he released the result of the Frankenstein Project's sister program: Lucifer-Alpha, a devastating disease that wiped out 80% of the Eurasian continent—half the world's population. While Petrovich Modnar escaped to America with the Seeds' son, Elijah, Jamie, and Gillian remained in Moscow as Lucifer-Alpha quickly approached. At Elijah's prompting, they entered a cryogenic sleep to wait until Lucifer-Alpha's time had passed.

About a decade later, Lucifer-Alpha naturally mutated into a nonlethal form and, just as Elijah'd planned, only he was awoken from his sleep. He had planned to awake Jamie and to finish up the Project with her, leaving Gillian to sleep forever, but when he looked on her sleeping face, he couldn't bring himself to do it, so he left her and Gillian both sleeping there and finished the artifical skin of the Snatchers himself over the course of the next 40 years.

Elijah chose the Japanese city of Neo Kobe as the testing ground for his Snatchers, as the incredible diversity of the city would test the limits of the Snatcher's capabilities, and the psychology of the Japanese culture provided a good environment. Soon, however, he discovered that the skin he created was inherently flawed: overexposure to the sun would cause the skin to become cancerous, causing the Snatchers to only be capable of effectively operating during the night or in the winter, and even then, they had to use sunscreen.

To develop a better skin, Elijah kidnapped Petrovich Modnar from a government hospital; although Petrovich's body was failing him, his mind was still as bright as ever. However, Petrovich refused to assist in the Snatcher project, and so Elijah decided to finally wake Jamie up for her assistance in the matter. He botched it a little, however, and Jamie and Gillian both, amnesiac from the 50 years of cryosleep, were taken into government custody.

Without Elijah's knowledge, Petrovich created a perfected artificial skin on his own and created his own bioroid to battle the Snatchers, a vastly superior model to the Snatchers and so convincingly human that even the machine itself was completely unaware it was a robot rather than a human. He modeled the bioroid after Elijah in his youth: it had his looks, and even some of his childhood memories. In fact, even the bioroid's name was modeled after Elijah's.

Elijah Modnar backwards is Random Hajile.

Personality: Random's one of those characters. You know the type. The type that's way cooler than the character you're playing and a bit of a dick about it, but you don't really mind because he really is just that cool. I mean, seriously, look at him. He's a bounty hunter, he rides a motorcycle, he smirks all the goddamn time, he's got this voice and that hair, he wears an outfit that appears to consist mostly of black leather (complete with a collar that would look doofy on anyone else), his intro features him saving the main character from a grisly, premature end, etc., etc., et freakin' cetera. Random Hajile is That Guy personified, man.

OK, so Random's not that much of a dick. At least, he's not a dick for the sake of being a dick. He's kind of a jerk to Gillian when they first meet, but he did just totally save Gillian's face from being popped right off his shoulders, so one could easily argue that it's justified. He's definitely less of a dick to Gillian in all subsequent encounters. Really, Random's not so much of a dick as he's just cocky.

Cocky is one of Random's key character traits, really. Random is very confident in his abilities and sees no reason to indulge in any sort of humility. The thing is, Random can get away with being such a cocky bastard because he really is just that good. He's an incredible shot with a very hard-to-handle gun, and he took down 4 Snatchers in under a month. (Snatchers, FYI, do not go down easy.) He's not so cocky as to be out of touch with reality, though. He's aware that he's only mortal and that his job is incredibly dangerous and he's prepared, both mentally and physically, for the worst. All rather neatly demonstrated by his belt being packed full of powerful explosives, just in case.

Random's a pretty decent guy, really, once you get past the cockiness. He respects Gillian, despite the initial ribbing he gave him, and he saves Gillian's bacon a number of times. He's not in the bounty hunting profession just for the (pretty exorbitant) money; he understands the massive threat the Snatchers pose and taking down Snatchers is pretty much his sole calling in life. Which isn't to say that Random does not appreciate getting the money; he's really kind of greedy. When Gillian warns him that Queens Hospital will be dangerous, Random counters that the bounty will more than make up for it.

Random's also a pretty darn casual guy. This especially comes across in his speech. He uses a few "ain't"s here and there, drops subjects from some of his sentences, drops the g's off his gerunds, calls Gillian "Junker-boy" a couple of times in their first encounter, etc., etc. He's pretty chill, too, given the relative stride he apparently takes certain Hideo Kojima Mindfuck Spoilers in.

He's kind of lazy in matters that don't involve headshotting robots. He prefers to leave investigation and the difficult footwork to the Junkers if he can. (Investigation's not his style, in his own words.) He's kind of iffy on the law in general, really: he's (apparently, at least) an illegal immigrant, and although he is a legally registered bounty hunter, the way he rattles off his registration number and spells his name out for Metal Gear suggests that he's done similarly before repeatedly and he thinks it's a big waste of time.

Class Title: Bounty Hunter

-A belt stuffed full of TNT-PX (a really strong explosive)
-A heavily modified raygun
For the bank:
-A Road Runner (a one-wheeled motorcycle)
-2,000,000 HL

Job: N/A

Housing Assignment: Room 204 (w/ Almedha)
Tags: housing, info, inventory, job, ooc, roomies
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